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Installing Membrane Control on a Raspberry Pi
System requirements
Install steps
Get the debian package
Download the debian package file for Membrane Control, named with a "deb" extension.
Install the debian package
Debian package file
Find the downloaded deb file and right-click it to show a list of actions. Choose "Package Install" to activate the installation process.
Install confirmation
Raspbian asks if you want to install this file. Click "Install" to continue.
Authentication dialog
Raspbian asks for authentication to install untrusted software. Enter your password to finish the installation process. Note that the default password for the pi user is "raspberry".
Terminal icon
If desired, Membrane Control can also be installed by command-line. Open Terminal using the Raspbian desktop's toolbar and execute a dpkg command such as:
sudo dpkg -i membrane-control_1-1_armhf.deb
Terminal icon
To launch Membrane Control, open Terminal using the Raspbian desktop's toolbar and execute the start script: