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Installing Membrane Server on Microsoft Windows
System requirements
PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or later
100MB free disk space
Powerful CPU and large amount of free disk space recommended
Install steps
Get the installer
Download the Windows installer file for your desired type of Membrane Server, named with an "msi" extension.
Run the installer
Installer file

Find the downloaded msi file and open it. Windows launches the installer.

Installer launch window

Check the box to accept the application license agreement. Click the Install button.

User Account Control window

Windows asks if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

Installer finish

Windows executes the install process. When it completes, click the Finish button.

Run the application
Application shortcut

To launch the application, double-click its desktop shortcut.

Application window

The server application runs in a command prompt, remaining active for as long as its window stays open.

Windows Security Alert

Security applications such as Windows Defender Firewall may prevent Membrane Server from communicating, and should be configured as needed to allow access.