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Membrane Software overview
A suite of networked applications

Membrane Software publishes applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. If installed on a set of PC and Raspberry Pi devices, these applications can network to provide you with access to a variety of useful features.

•  Track your favorite websites by controlling and automating Raspberry Pi browsers.

•  Watch your movies by configuring a set of Raspberry Pi monitors for automatic playback of clips from your collection.

•  Keep an eye out by using the Raspberry Pi camera to capture a set of images over time.

... and more! We're always devising and implementing new features for users of the Membrane Software system. For details, see our feature list.

The Membrane toolset
Web kiosk interface
Commanding a set of web kiosk monitors
Membrane Control

Membrane Control runs on a PC or Mac and provides a consistent graphical interface for control over other components.

Membrane Server

Membrane Server runs on a PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi and provides functionality for network access by Membrane Control. This application is published in many different forms, each specialized for a particular purpose.

A typical setup might involve any number of different devices and Membrane Server types, as selected depending on the precise activities you wish to perform. All server types are managed by a single Membrane Control application, allowing you to direct many kinds of tasks from a unified interface.