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Wednesday, March 22 2017 16:19 GMT
Posted by: Membrane Estimated read time: 6m Tags: games star commander final fantasy tactics
The final X in "4X game" stands for "extermination", and much of the time that means combat. A 4X game designer has several choices for how to handle combat. Early Civilization games have the player running units into one another right on the world map, with various unit stacking shenanigans possible depending on the title. Other games, such as Master of Orion II, use tactical combat to provide a game within a game, with the player's ability to win the combat game depending on events in the 4X game. I always did like me a nice tactical combat, and so Star Commander goes the latter route. As a space-themed game, Star Commander might be expected to adopt Master of Orion II as its model. However, its tactical systems are actually more similar to those of a non-4X, non-spacey title: our game influence for today, Final Fantasy Tactics.
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