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Tuesday, May 23 2017 22:20 GMT
Posted by: Membrane Estimated read time: 9m Tags: programming membrane control
As more people join the world of modern, high-speed Internet, we've seen the rise of video as the preferred medium for communicating information. Indeed, according to some reports, video will comprise a staggering 82% of internet traffic by 2020. Use of video in place of text certainly has its advantanges, not least of all the ability to capture nonverbal queues helpful for human interaction. However, video also comes with a rather heavy downside in its sheer bulk and general lack of convenient ways to work with it. Managing thousands of text files is a snap for a personal computer and its operator, and the whole file set can be transmitted across the Internet in moments. On the other hand, managing thousands of video files, each of which might have its own quality, encoding standard, and format, quickly becomes a tangled and time-consuming mess. At Membrane Software, we seek better lives through computing, and today we'll look at development screenshots from a software system designed to help those like us: video enthusiasts who crave a convenient archive and retrieval system.
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