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Membrane Monitor stream cachingWatch your movies

Created 2018 Dec 24 15:58

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #3 2019 Jan 10 06:38

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Membrane Monitor is capable of playing video streams from Membrane Media Library over the network. Stream performance may suffer when playing over a slow network link, or if playing from multiple monitors at once. If Membrane Monitor were able to hold streams in its own storage, we could populate it with frequently used data to save network traffic and improve performance.

• Membrane Monitor provides a function to transfer stream data from Membrane Media Library and write files to local storage.
• Membrane Monitor provides a function to delete previously transferred stream data.
• Membrane Monitor allows play commands to target locally stored streams.
• Membrane Control interfaces modified to provide use of new functionality.

2019 Jan 10 14:30 Status changed to: complete
Membrane Control's video monitors interface now allows stream items to be transferred into the cache of any individual Membrane Monitor instance. Once in the cache, the monitor can play the video even if the originating Membrane Media Library server is no longer available. Furthermore, Membrane Control now contains an management interface for monitor cache data, with commands to browse the cache, delete cached streams, play cached streams, or play all cached streams on loop.
2018 Dec 24 16:20 Status changed to: working
2018 Dec 24 15:58 Ticket created