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Scan for media files on demandWatch your movies

Created 2018 Dec 21 18:37

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #3 2019 Jan 10 06:38

DevelopmentTicket type 2Priority 3Size

Membrane Media Library has a configuration option specifying how often it should scan for new media files. With only periodic scanning, we may leave long stretches of time before a new media file becomes available for browsing.

• Add a function allowing the user to request an immediate scan (currently only available by restarting Membrane Media Library).
• Consider improving Membrane Media Library to watch for change events in the source media directory and trigger its own scans when new files are detected.

2019 Jan 10 14:25 Status changed to: complete
Each server shown by Membrane Control's media interface now shows an action menu with a "Scan for media" option, for use in triggering an immediate scan. We investigated a more responsive and automatic scan function involving file and directory event watchers, but decided to go with just the manual scan solution for now.
2018 Dec 21 18:37 Ticket created