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Stored command interfaceWatch your movies

Created 2019 Jun 26 18:04

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #10 2019 Aug 14 17:48

DevelopmentTicket type 2Priority 8Size

Modify Membrane Control to add an interface for management of stored commands.

• Allow any command and its target monitors to be stored as a shortcut for future invocation.
• Membrane Control shows any number of user-created buttons, each mapped to a set of commands and their targets.
• Provides a convenient method to quickly reconfigure content shown on monitors.
• Examples of stored commands: Play "Video 1" on Monitor A. Play "Playlist 1" on Monitors A and B. Play "Playlist 2" on Monitor A and run URL list "Sites 3" on Monitors B, C, and D.

2019 Aug 14 22:58 Status changed to: complete
Membrane Control 22-stable-805d066f adds a new stored command interface.
2019 Aug 06 18:48 Status changed to: working
2019 Jun 26 18:04 Ticket created