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Membrane Media Library applicationWatch your movies

Created 2018 Jul 10 18:42

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #2 2018 Dec 19 15:17

DevelopmentTicket type 2Priority 13Size

Create distribution packages for a new Membrane Server application named "Membrane Media Library".

• Scans a directory for media files to find available video clips
• Provides media metadata and thumbnail images for browsing by Membrane Control
• Provides video streams for playback by HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) clients
• Targets Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms

2018 Dec 19 15:02 Status changed to: complete
The Membrane Media Library application has been created and is available for download, version 4-stable-441e40f2.
2018 Sep 05 18:30 Status changed to: working