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User-defined stream qualityWatch your movies

Created 2018 Dec 24 15:57

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #4 2019 Jan 30 00:52

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When creating a stream from a media item, Membrane Media Library assigns transcoding parameters that are mostly copied from the source. In some cases, we may want to target a specific stream quality by providing our own transcoding parameters.

• Membrane Media Library allows stream create commands to include fields specifying transcoding parameters: frame size, bitrate, frame rate, preset (x264), others as appropriate
• Membrane Control interfaces modified to allow stream quality selection. Each field can be individually assigned, but the interface provides a group of commonly desired configurations as presets.

2019 Jan 29 18:05 Status changed to: complete
Membrane Control's create stream action now allows selection of a quality value. For now we only have four presets (Normal, High, Low, Lowest) to cover most common usage, but may later add a set of "advanced options" to allow direct manipulation of transcoding parameters.
2018 Dec 24 16:20 Status changed to: working
2018 Dec 24 15:57 Ticket created