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Membrane Server admin passwordTrack your favorite websites

Created 2018 Sep 06 22:44

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #4 2019 Jan 30 00:52

DevelopmentTicket type 3Priority 8Size

Allow the user to set an admin password for Membrane Server applications (Membrane Monitor, Membrane Media Library) using the Membrane Control interface.

• Membrane Server accepts a password as part of a received configuration, and provides a local tool to clear the admin password.
• If configured with an admin password, Membrane Server requires received commands to include authorization prefix fields based on the password's value.
• Membrane Control includes an admin password as part of its server configuration interface.
• Membrane Control prompts the user for an admin password when attempting to access a server requiring one, and includes options to store the password in local settings.
• Info and help content created, providing instructions regarding use of admin passwords.

2019 Jan 29 18:10 Status changed to: complete
Membrane Server and Membrane Control now implement functions to configure admin passwords for restricted server access. See "Setting an access password for Membrane Server" in help for interface details. We considered creating a local tool that the server can run to clear its own admin password, but left that work undone for now, and perhaps to be picked up again later.
2019 Jan 13 21:24 Status changed to: working