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Membrane Stream Source applicationWatch your movies

Created 2018 Nov 07 16:33Last updated 2019 May 24 16:24

StatusProposedWork on this ticket has not started

DevelopmentTicket type 1Priority 8Size

Create distribution packages for a new Membrane Server application named "Membrane Stream Source". Similar to Membrane Media Library but lightweight enough to run on a Raspberry Pi, Membrane Stream Source allows such devices to be provisioned with a small set of streams and deployed to enable playback by Membrane Monitor applications on the same network.

• Provides a subset of Membrane Media Library's functionality: streaming services but not transcode operations
• Pulls media files from Membrane Media Server and stores them in streaming representations
• Provides stored video streams for playback by HLS or DASH clients
• Primarily targets Linux/Raspbian platforms, but is also available for Microsoft Windows and macOS

2019 Jan 10 14:35 Developer comment
The "Membrane Monitor stream caching" ticket was completed, granting Membrane Monitor the ability to cache stream data in its local storage. Monitor caching addresses many of the concerns that were to be handled by a proposed Membrane Stream Source application, making the work of this ticket less of a priority.