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Membrane Camera applicationKeep an eye out

Created 2019 Feb 18 20:13

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #8 2019 Jul 24 22:05

DevelopmentTicket type 2Priority 13Size

Create a server application providing camera functionality and an interface for access by Membrane Control.

• Targeting the Raspberry Pi camera module, on the Raspbian platform
• Supported commands: capture image, capture images periodically
• Store images locally, while providing a configuration option for the maximum amount of space to consume.

2019 Jul 24 22:35 Status changed to: complete
The Membrane Camera application is now available for download.
2019 May 09 00:40 Status changed to: working
2019 Feb 18 20:13 Ticket created