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Membrane Control media interfaceWatch your movies

Created 2018 Sep 18 15:38

StatusCompleteWork on this ticket is complete as of the software release noted below

Completed Membrane Software release #2 2018 Dec 19 15:17

DevelopmentTicket type 2Priority 13Size

Add user interfaces to Membrane Control as needed to provide media browsing and playback functionality.

• Displays media items from Membrane Media Library.
• Allows management of playlists, containing lists of media items with targeted play positions.
• Sends media player commands to Membrane Monitor: play, stop, run playlist
• Manages media transcoding functions: prepare a media file for streaming, delete previously created transcode output

2018 Dec 19 15:06 Status changed to: complete
Membrane Control has been updated for use with Membrane Media Server, adding a new "Video monitors" interface. Changes are released in application version 6-stable-25bec65a.
2018 Sep 18 15:42 Status changed to: working