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About Membrane Software
Membrane Software is based in Seattle, WA, USA. Our mission is to craft exceptional, reliable, and completely free applications to benefit the computer users of the world.
Unlike many other software companies, we place no monetary cost on any of our products. Our software is published without advertisements or in-app purchases of any kind. Instead, we make applications free for anyone to acquire, install, and distribute. If you find our products useful and would like to support our mission, please consider making a contribution to Membrane Software.
Write us comments. Help us find and fix problems by submitting a bug report, suggest new features for future versions, or just share a story about how you've made use of our technology.
Send a monetary contribution. Help ensure our continued operation and existence by covering the material needs involved in software creation, including: equipment, coffee, media assets, network bits, and more.
By making any of these contributions, you can promote the creation of more great free software. Thank you for your time!