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Checksum value
A checksum value appears on each download page.

With each download file, Membrane Software provides a computed SHA-512/224 digest value. Generated by processing the file's data through a cryptographic hash algorithm, this 56-character string can be used as a checksum to verify integrity after download.

macOSLinuxBoth macOS and Linux offer the shasum program. Run this utility with -a 512224 to obtain the SHA-512/224 digest value for a specified file. If the utility reports an SHA-512/224 digest value matching the string listed on the download page, the processed file passes verification.

Listingbash session
1  $ shasum -a 512224 MembraneControl.msi
2  207cc64cb4e0456b920caaec056d12e23eea9408c0f88ea7cccbd56c  MembraneControl.msi
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