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Installing Membrane Server on docker
System requirements
Computer running Docker Container engine and capable of executing amd64 binaries
Install steps
Get the Docker image
Download the Docker image file for your desired type of Membrane Server, named with a "docker" extension.
Load the image
Execute a docker load command such as:
docker load -i membrane-media-server_ubuntu-amd64.docker
Run the image
Find Membrane Server's image ID using the docker images command.
1  # docker images
2  REPOSITORY               TAG                  IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
3  membrane-media-library   4-stable-441e40f2    f73f5cb9f2e1        3 days ago          620MB
In this example output, line 3 shows Membrane Media Library with an image ID of f73f5cb9f2e1, or membrane-media-library:4-stable-441e40f2. For correct operation, the docker image must run with TCP ports 63738 and 63739 exposed, as well as volume mounts for /media (source media path) and /data (output data path). A docker run command targeting this image ID might look like:
docker run -d -p 63738:63738 -p 63739:63739 -v /membrane-server/media:/media -v /membrane-server/data:/data f73f5cb9f2e1