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Connecting to servers with Membrane Control
Command your devices from a distance

Membrane Control gives you command over other computers and devices running Membrane Server. However, it needs your input to establish network connections with such servers.

Servers menu item

Open the Membrane Control "Servers" interface, available as the first item in the main menu.

Server status window

Membrane Control reports "No servers contacted" on its first launch. To find other computers running Membrane Server, we can either scan or enter an address.

Scan button

The scan button is found in the bottom right corner and shows an antenna icon. Click the button to execute a scan. If a computer running Membrane Server is connected to the same local network, it responds to the scan.

Address bar

If a server does not respond to a scan, we might still be able to contact it directly. Click the address button, found next to the scan button and showing a globe icon. Type the server's address in the text field and press enter to attempt connection.

Address bar

Membrane Control shows the status of each server contacted by either scan or address. Once contacted, servers appear in the "Server configuration" section and become available for use in other interfaces opened from the main menu.

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